Natalie is a certified USATF & RRCA running coach and a NASM certified personal trainer. Natalie wants to help you unleash your potential and help you reach your goals! Let Natalie help you in crushing your goals, conquering your fears, and allowing yourself to go the extra mile!

Private Coaching

Stay motivated with a coach. Create and crush goals together! Learn how to properly train, rest, & recover

Train and Run Smarter

Learn about running technique & pacing strategies.

Learn about running nutrition & proper fueling strategies.

And most importantly have fun while training!

Personal Training

Build Strength, Stability, & Increase Mobility. Become a better runner by strengthening the muscles you use to run!

Increase Your Running Efficiency

Want to become a better runner?

Resistance training will help to increase your structural efficiency and you will feel better with each step running! Let Natalie help you get there! Not a runner, but want to get fit, Natalie can get you there too!

Training Plans

Natalie customizes each plan, so that it will work around your schedule and is personalized to your fitness levels

Personalized Plans Catered To Your Lifestyle!

Track Programs
5K, 10K, Half Marathon,
and Marathon Programs
Cross Training, Resistance,
and Running Specific Drills