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About Us

Natalie Johnston
Natalie JohnstonFounder/Head Coach

About Natalie

Natalie has been running since she was 13 years old, and has been a competitive athlete since the age of 3. She competed in sports ranging from horseback riding, competitive swimming, to dance. However, running was the one sport that stole her heart! She says,”Running frees my mind and soul, you can just grab your shoes and run anywhere!” Through many ups and downs in her life, running was the one place for her to let go, meditate (aka release her emotions), and grow as a person.  She believes running is more than just getting fast times, it’s about connecting to something deeper in yourself; She believes that running saved her life in many ways. Through High School and College all Natalie thought about was being the best and getting fast, since then she has changed her way of thinking, and believes that you should train like you want to run until your 100. With that mindset, she has been able to run faster, be less stressed, and enjoy her runs even more now than she did before!


  • RRCA Certified Running Coach
  • Certified USATF Level 1 Track Coach
  • Certified NASM Personal Trainer
  • Head Coach – Bucks County Road Runners (Current)

  • Assistant Coach – Front Runners NY (Former)
  • Assistant Coach – Central Bucks East
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certified – Red Cross
  • Bachelors in Psychology

Natalie’s Highlights

Natalie ran competitively for both Division I and Division II colleges (Cross Country/Track). During her college running career she battled numerous injuries and can truly sympathize with the frustrations that go along with it. She took those frustrations and made it her goal to understand the body and how to train and fuel more efficiently. If you’ve had injuries in the past or currently, and are trying to gain confidence & want to kick butt again, Natalie can help you! In her post collegiate years, she has trained herself in mostly road racing from 5k – marathoning. She also is versed in track events ranging from the 800m – 10k. So, if you want to rip up the track and run some faster events she’s game for that too!

  • 1500m (Indoor) – 4:56
  • 2000m Steeplechase – 7:29
  • 3000m Steeplechase – 11:42
  • 5000m Cross Country – 18:19
  • 5 miler – 31:01
  • 10k – 38:45
  • Half Marathon – 1:25
  • Marathon – 3:25 (Berlin 2014 – First & Only Marathon So Far!)
  • 10 miler 1:05

Meet Our Assistant Coaches

Josh Izewski
Josh IzewskiAssistant Coach
Local to PA & NJ

About Josh

Josh started his athletic career as a swimmer at the age of 8 and entered in this first 5k at 9 years old, and from that point on he was instantly hooked to running. His coaching philosophy is to create a sustainable, athlete-centered, coach-driven successful environment that puts athletes first, and in a position to achieve the highest levels of success in all aspects of training and racing.  He emphasizes the importance of high moral values, personal responsibility and accountability, healthy competitive spirit, and the desire to give your best.  His belief is that no athlete is the same and there is no one system that works for everyone. Through an individualized and holistic approach everyone can achieve their desired goals. He hopes to take all his knowledge he’s learned through his career and help athletes train smart and achieve their goals!


  • Certified USATF Level 1 Track Coach
  • Garden State Track Club Run & Triathlon Coach
  • Assistant Coach – Bucks County Road Runners
  • Bachelors in Economics

Josh’s Highlights

  • 3000m – 8:11 (indoor)
  • 5000m – 13:36 (road)
  • 8000m – 23:17 (road)
  • 10k – 29:21
  • 10 miler – 48min – 5th place AG
Hilary Lorenz
Hilary LorenzAssistant Coach
Local to NYC & New Mexico

About Hilary

Hilary Lorenz has been running since she since the 6th grade. She got her first taste of completion running the mile at age 12 and breaking her school record with a 6:04 at her second track meet. She went on to run cross-country, play softball and basketball. Hilary stayed a life long runner, while going to art school, both undergraduate and graduate and settling in New York City. She ran mostly for fitness, but after turning 40 the fire to run the NYC Marathon kicked in. After training for 7 months, she not only completed the marathon but qualified for Boston. From there her competitive spirit came back and Hilary was running 15-20 races a year, with the majority of them in the top 10 of her age group with some first place finishes. Hilary enjoys running everything from the mile to fifty miles, with her favorites being the 5k cross country and 50K trail races. She believes that staying healthy and working hard enough to progress while keeping it easy enough to not burn out or become injured is the key to success, long term development no matter what the age. Hilary lives in both Brooklyn, NY where she runs the parks and Abiquiu, NM where she runs at altitude high up in the mountain.


  • Masters of Science, Exercise Science concentrating on Physiology and Nutrition, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY
  • Masters of Fine Art and Masters of Art, University of Iowa

  • USATF Level I Coach Certification

  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

  • NASM Exercise Correction

  • CSCS Coursework completed – test pending

Hilary’s Highlights

  • 2014 Canyon Meadow Winter Trail 50K – 6:06 (1st in AG – 4th female overall)
  • 2013 Big Cottonwood Half Marathon, Salt Lake City – 1:35:54 ( 5th place AG)

  • 2012 Brooklyn Marathon, Brooklyn, NY – 3:43:21 (1st in AG, (by 18:00!) 27th female overall)

  • 2013 – JFK 50 mile finisher

  • 5 time Boston Marathon Qualifier

Life is full of pressures and running shouldn’t be one of them!

Whether you are a beginner to an experienced runner, or maybe just want to lose weight you have found the right team to help you CRUSH your goals! It’s all about commitment and believing in yourself. No matter how big or small your goal is just remember this path you chose is going to help you grow more and more with each step. We understand racing can be intimidating, so if you are not ready for that we believe you can always start off with a CARPE DIEM attitude and just run!
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