Hey Guys! Sorry for the couple of random posts, my tech guy was working out some kinks on my blog, so you can ignore those few posts! Soooo this week’s hurdle was my HEALTH! Looks like my immune system wanted to go down south for the week. I was around a sick child for a few weeks and well let’s face it marathon training can beat up your body too, and it could actually lower your immune function. So, was it my training that got me sick or the adorable child? No idea, but it happen and this is how I dealt with it!

“You cannot always run at your best.” – Bill Rodgers

8/4/2014MondayCycle045 min cycle along Delaware with niece on the back. Treatment from Dr. Johnny

8/5/2014TuesdayTrack42 mi warm up, 1 mile speed work, 1 mile cool down (4 x 400) Felt good!1:38, 1:38, 1:37, 1:34
8/6/2014WednesdayCycle060 min ride
8/7/2014ThursdayRest0Got sick – body aches 🙁
8/8/2014FridayRun55 strides at the end – w/ my awesome athlete Silvia (Fever went down, so attempted the run) IN NYC
8/9/2014SaturdayRest0Bad idea on the run, good idea on seeing Silvia! Dizzy and fatigued, and coughing up a storm today. Went to doc said I have a viral thing/cold.
8/10/2014SundayRest0Travel Day back to PA – still coughing. Trying to be a good athlete and not run since I felt crappy.
Total Mileage9 


Running while you are sick is not the best idea, especially if you had a fever and body aches. Sometimes running through a cold is ok, as long as the activity isn’t too intense, and it is simply a cold. Marathon Training is INTENSE! Sometimes I don’t heed my own advice, but this time around I did! I thought to myself what would I tell one of my athletes, and I would tell them to rest and get better before attempting to run again, so that they don’t further aggravate their immune system. I missed another long run, and I am upset about it, however if I did run, I’d probably be up in bed today feeling like more crap than I do today. My body feels fine now, I just sound like a smoker who is hacking up their lungs. I’m going to continue hydrating, and I am also waiting on my homeopath’s recommendation for me. Keep ya posted on that! 😉 If I feel ok to run, I will attempt a run mile by mile, and if I get a long run in during my mile by mile attempt, well I’ll be a happy girl, and if I don’t I’ll be a happy girl! 😉 ONE DAY/STRIDE AT A TIME! Nothing more you can do!

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Happy Training Guys!

*****Natalie Johnston is USATF & RRCA certified runner coach serving areas PA, NYC, & NJ.*****