Happy Monday!! So I’ve been battling this damn cold all week. Body feels fine just can’t stop coughing! That being said, I am playing it smart, and trying to stay relaxed and not overdo it. I AM RUNNING THIS MARATHON! I want to make it to the starting line and I want to make it to the finish line! Being that I am competitive, I do have a goal time. It would be nice to qualify for Boston, so that would mean I have to run a 3:35:00 and under! If that’s not in the cards that’s ok too!! I’ve become less focused with my times and more focused on making it to the finish line healthy! (If it was a 10k – different story I would go ALL OUT! ;-) )

“Once you’ve committed yourself to something, pace yourself to the finish line.”

8/11/2014 Monday Rest 0 still battling cough
8/12/2014 Tuesday Easy Run 4.28 still battling cough 9:21 pace
8/13/2014 Wednesday Easy Run 3 still battling cough 8:48 pace
8/14/2014 Thursday Fartlek 5.5 2 mi warm up, 1 min up tempo 1 min back off X 10, 1 mile cool down – still battling cough – trained with Silvia!! 2 mile w/up: 8:53
1. 1:00.0 – 7:42
1:00.0 – 9:05
2. 1:00.0 – 7:19
1:00.0 – 8:55
3. 1:00.0 – 7:07
1:00.0 – 8:59
4. 1:00.0 – 6:45
1:00.0 – 8:56
5. 1:00.0 – 6:20
1:00.0 – 8:21
6. 1:00.0 – 6:35
1:00.0 – 8:43
7. 1:00.0 – 6:18
1:00.0 – 9:10
8. 1:00.0 – 6:47
1:00.0 – 9:47
9. 1:00.0 – 7:32
1:00.0 – 11:22
10. 1:00.0 – 6:14
1:00.0 – 9:23
1 mile cool down: 9:40 pace
8/15/2014 Friday Rest 0 still battling cough
8/16/2014 Saturday Cycle 0 60 min cycle min cycle – still battling cough
8/17/2014 Sunday Long 18 Goal: 2.5 hours running – Body felt great, breathing stitches attacked the whole run though – still battling cough but getting better! 8:36 pace
Total Mileage 30.78



How I fueled my run?

  • 30 min prior to my run I tried to down UCAN Pre Workout Drink. I couldn’t get through it, wanted to puke. So first 10 – 15 min I took in about 2 chews to give myself some fuel.
  • I wore a 2 bottle fuel belt filled with H20 & one bottle with Glutamine powder, and drank periodically over the course of 18 miles.
  • Tested out a fuel source – 2 Bags of GU Chomps & 1 Packet of GU Gel. (All they had at the running store – I hate chewing and running, that’s when my breathing stitches are the worst from my irregular breathing)
  • Every 30 min I took in 4 chews, at 2 hours I took in the packet of Gu. Also, had another water bottle at my car to drink as well, because I finished both bottles of water.
  • I had low grade breathing stitches the entire way. At about an hour, it was really really bad, so I stopped and tried to stretch & breathe it out. Got a little better, but then at 1:12 it came back full force, and I had to stop stretch & breathe it out, plus I sat in a crotched position just in case gas was causing it too. I deep belly breathed the rest of the way, and it was there, but wasn’t agonizing.

The Good Points

  • I ran 18 miles!
  • My body felt really good and strong.
  • Didn’t hit “THE WALL”
  • Kept my mantra going of “Stronger, Longer, Longer Stronger.” It has a great rhythm to it, and really helps to keep my mind from wandering. Also added, “Strong & Steady!”

The “OH this is what Marathon Training Feels like” Points

  • Not much to report here other than your legs do get tired, but the moment I re-fueled I felt as though I was given more spring in my step again.
  • Deep belly breathing was critical for me during this run to keep my stitches at bay.
  • Kept my eye on the prize which was to finish 2.5 hours of running.
  • One thing I’d like to note is that if your form starts to break down, for example, your knees start knocking, or your kicking your calves, etc. then SLOW DOWN. If when you slow down, your form is still compromised then call it a day for that run. NEVER run on compromised form – it’s just not worth the outcomes it could bring!
  • Good Form Cues For Yourself: Shoulders Down, Head Neutral, Run Tall, Roll through landing foot. I also make sure my right leg doesn’t swing out. (It’s fancy like that at times). See where your trouble area(s) may be, and just BE MINDFUL throughout the run!

Post Run Recovery

  • I ALWAYS walk after my long runs whether its .25 mi to 1 mile. Then I do some light stretching. Later on, after my legs started to tighten up a bit, that’s when the foam rolling commenced! ;-)
  • I was pleasantly hungry after the run, so that’s always good! Not wanting to eat, isn’t a good sign, FYI. It means you are probably dehydrated or possibly ran too hard. If you are going on a slow long run, it will be taxing, but not to the point you want to puke, or not eat after it.
  • I had a UCAN Recover Drink immediately afterwards, a little bit of Gatorade, and water of course.
  • Snack/Meal: I had made a quinoa veggie bowl of awesomeness and ate a bunch of that!
  • Dinner: We were going to have sushi, but the Indian restaurant across the street smelled so good, so we opted for that. I had salmon tandoori, some naan, and some not so great stuff for you. Oops at least I got my protein carb combo in, just light on veggies!

For more fueling tips check out these posts! One, Two, & Three!

Happy Training Guys!

*****Natalie Johnston is USATF & RRCA certified runner coach serving areas PA, NYC, & NJ.*****