First full week back in action! Felt pretty good and happy that I am treating my body with love and compassion. My old routine would be to run until I can’t run anymore, and then I would be out for a couple of months. My ultimate goal is to run when I’m 90! So we have to take care of our bodies now in order for that to happen. You won’t die over missing a few workouts. I think some of us runners are a rare type A breed that feel that if we don’t get our workouts in everything is going to the pot. (This was me all my life, and I still have that mentality at times, so that’s why I really do understand it) The thing is I did lose a little of my fitness being out for that 2 weeks, however this time around I didn’t have too many freak out moments where I felt uneasy or uncomfortable in my own skin, because I couldn’t work out much. One thing that I am working on is that running/working out DOES NOT define me, I DEFINE ME! I have to be comfortable with me and my life, without exercise. It’s extremely difficult to imagine my life without it, but if it was ever taken from me, I do not want to fall apart. So by building a healthier relationship with myself and my fitness I feel is a great start, and makes me happier at the end of the day too. No more obsessing about all things running related, just taking one day at a time and enjoying whatever life brings me that day!

7/21/2014 Monday Rest 0 Travel day – Back to PA
7/22/2014 Tuesday Recovery Run 3.5 Felt ok – had a nice stomach bug night before. Turned out to be an adverse reaction to the recovery bits that I was taking.
7/23/2014 Wednesday Cycle 0 48 minutes – felt good!!
7/24/2014 Thursday Recovery Run 5 Dr. Johnny Treatment too! Got sick again by those recovery bits. If any nutritionist out there would like to comment on this I’d love to hear some feedback. They are 100% organic Chorella. From there website,”RECOVERYbits® algae tabs are the most natural way to build your immune system. RECOVERYbits® aid in detoxing or cleansing by removing toxins naturally.” I got a burning pain in my stomach, then i couldn’t stop vomiting, and I puked them up whole. 9:09 pace
7/25/2014 Friday Rest 0 Can’t remember what I did this day, I may have cycled. Old age is really getting to me! :-P
7/26/2014 Saturday Cycle 0 50 minutes
7/27/2014 Sunday Long 10.1 Run for 1:30 8:57 pace
Total Mileage 18.6


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Happy Training Guys!

*****Natalie Johnston is USATF & RRCA certified runner coach serving areas PA, NYC, & NJ.*****