Most athletes hit bumps along the way in their training – IT’S NORMAL! It could be from a lack of motivation, an injury, odd pains, work stress; honestly, the list can go on. During christmas week, I happened to fall into the “odd pain” category, so I wanted to share with you my experience, and give you guys the low down of what happen, how I recovered, and let you know that something you may think is serious, may just be your body telling you to RELAX!

Compression Socks

I made christmas week a easy week (a pull back week) of training, because I knew that I would be traveling and spending most of my time in a car, and with family. My Christmas training week looked like:

  • Monday – Rest (Ran long on Sunday)
  • Tuesday – Rest (Traveled to Long Island)
  • Wednesday – Easy Run (4 miles @ 8:45 pace)
  • Thursday – Rested – Traveled (Mysterious calf swelling & pain developing)
  • Friday – Rested (Now I couldn’t walk downstairs; limited range of motion of my knee)
  • Saturday – Rested (Pain getting better with rehab protocol – PRICE method)
  • Sunday – Rested (Pain almost gone with adopted PRICE method)

So I am like any other runner. I freak the heck out when something on my body doesn’t feel right, especially because I beat my body up during college, and I was extremely injury prone. I got crazy nervous that I was out for the count this time around, and I was going to have to take sometime off again. So, after I had my neurotic runner attack of, “MY LIFE IS OVERRRRR & I WON’T BE ABLE TO RUN AGAIN!!!” I calmed down and addressed the situation. My calf was definitely swelling, so I iced it twice a day (at least) for about 10 – 20 minutes elevated. I pretty much followed the PRICE method which is Protect. Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevate. I did do one ice bath after my 4 miler on the following Monday to get the full circumference of ice around my entire leg and butt. I did this because I still am not sure what caused my calf to freak out, and with referred pain patterns I wanted to get the whole leg covered. I am guessing that the cold could have pissed it off on the 4 miler on xmas; maybe my muscles were just not warmed up enough.


Taking 4 days off of training SUCKS! I need my endorphins!! However, I’m a lucky lady to have such a great boyfriend to deal with my whining during these times of training, and gave me ample massages!! At the end of the day, I am happy that this happen, because now I can share with you guys that if you do have a pitfall in training – listen to your body and give it some TLC! By resting for the 4 days, icing my leg 360 degrees around while elevating it, light foam rolling, light stretching, and using compression socks – I got BETTER! I feel perfectly fine and I have resumed my regularly scheduled training program; just went easier on effort this week, but did all the workouts I was suppose to. This week’s training was:

  • Monday – Ran EASY 4 miles (9:15 pace)
  • Tuesday – Cycled 45 minutes
  • Wednesday – Yoga & Strength Training
  • Thursday – Fartlek (2 mile warm up, 2 min up tempo pace, 1 min back off X 6, .5 mile cool down)
  • Friday – Rested
  • Saturday – Cycle (45 min) & Strength *keep ya posted how this goes*
  • Sunday – Long Run (SLOW 9 miles) *keep ya posted how this goes*

Life is funny, because when sometimes things look like it’s the worst. It’s usually not. Try to view life with a positive & open mind, and everything just gets better. I turned my,”I’m injured again attitude,” into “This is suppose to happen,” and listened to my body, because it knows what it wants!! In this case, it was REST!

Foam Roller

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***************Natalie Johnston is USATF certified runner coach serving areas PA, NYC, & NJ.*****************