The Berlin Marathon Countdown!

Happy Monday Guys!! I can’t believe it, it’s almost here! Six more days and I will be running my first marathon! The journey to get here hasn’t been easy. Over the last 2 years, I have made major life changes, and I have overcome a lot of personal struggles, so this marathon means more to me then running a fast time. I honestly never thought my life would have turned out so beautiful, have so many wonderful people put in it, and become awakened to deepening my relationships with my family. I am grateful everyday for the people who are [...]

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Berlin Marathon Training Week 12!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and got some amazing training in! We really have been blessed with such an amazing summer! Still suffering from GI problems, which caused me to cut my long run short, but I really was ok with it when I stopped. I had put in 17 miles, and that is pretty damn good for marathon training. Keep in mind that anything over 1.5 hours is prepping you for that marathon! Make every run mean something, and be proud of each and every one of them! […]

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Berlin Marathon Training Week 11!

Happy Monday!! So I’ve been battling this damn cold all week. Body feels fine just can’t stop coughing! That being said, I am playing it smart, and trying to stay relaxed and not overdo it. I AM RUNNING THIS MARATHON! I want to make it to the starting line and I want to make it to the finish line! Being that I am competitive, I do have a goal time. It would be nice to qualify for Boston, so that would mean I have to run a 3:35:00 and under! If that’s not in the cards that’s ok too!! I’ve [...]

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Berlin Marathon Training Week 10!

Hey Guys! Sorry for the couple of random posts, my tech guy was working out some kinks on my blog, so you can ignore those few posts! Soooo this week’s hurdle was my HEALTH! Looks like my immune system wanted to go down south for the week. I was around a sick child for a few weeks and well let’s face it marathon training can beat up your body too, and it could actually lower your immune function. So, was it my training that got me sick or the adorable child? No idea, but it happen and this is how [...]

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Berlin Marathon Training Week 9!

So things are shaping up here, and I am really excited to be back on track for the marathon. However, I don’t want to kick a gift horse in the mouth by saying that I am completely healed. I still am having aches and pains, however they are manageable, and I am trying to be as smart as I can be! I’m a runner, we are a rare breed that tends to “sometimes” overdo things. 😉 This week I divorced my Garmin a bit, and it was actually really nice to get my head out of my watch, and just [...]

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Berlin Marathon Training Week 8!

First full week back in action! Felt pretty good and happy that I am treating my body with love and compassion. My old routine would be to run until I can’t run anymore, and then I would be out for a couple of months. My ultimate goal is to run when I’m 90! So we have to take care of our bodies now in order for that to happen. You won’t die over missing a few workouts. I think some of us runners are a rare type A breed that feel that if we don’t get our workouts in everything [...]

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Berlin Marathon Training Week 7!

Happy Hump Day Everyone! When life gives you lemons make the best damn lemonade that you can make! This week has been really rough not being able to run that much, however I am grateful that I was able to run, and that I am hopefully on the mend! My goal for the marathon (even though I am competitive) has always just been to finish. Even though I have competed at high levels, it doesn’t make me advanced in the marathon. I have to treat myself like I am a novice, because endurance training of 10+ miles for one run [...]

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Berlin Marathon Training Week 6!

Oh the joys of training! I’m thinking that this marathon training is going to be a rough one! The old Natalie would be freaking out, and thinking negatively that it is all over now, and I might as well forget about the marathon! I use to think that if my training wasn’t perfect, my race day wouldn’t be perfect, and well that’s just insane thinking peeps! There is no such thing as perfection, and we all should try to strive for progress in training NOT perfection! I’ll go through in detail what happened this week, and why I decided to [...]

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