Baked Pesto Salmon Over Sweet Potato Mash

Hi Guys!! So sorry I’ve been kind of lax with posting. Lots of things have been going on that I hope to write about soon! In the meantime, I made this banging dish last night. The way I cook is by feel, so I don’t have any exact measurements, but at least I can give you some details on how to put this delicious dish together!!! Enjoy! […]

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It’s Just Another Manic Monday!

I wish it was Sunday, cause’ that’s my funday!!! (I know you all started singing along!!) Monday’s don’t have to be so bad, there are ways that you can turn your “Case of the Monday’s” into something enjoyable, and every other day of the week for that matter. Start each day with gratitude, give thanks for what you do have, and start the day off positively. Then as the day progresses, you have the choice to accept that attitude of gratitude through its continuity. Choose it. Go with an open heart, and just embrace your life. We all have this [...]

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Quinoa Protein Pancakes

It’s been a few days since “love was in the air,” however I try to keep my love for the people in my life a daily devotion. Waking up each day with love for the people in your life, or even not in your life, is a beautiful way to start each day. For today and tomorrow, and as a continuing practice, share with someone you love or don’t even know a warm thought, a hug, or anything that will make them smile! […]

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Health Explosion!

I started with making different green juices yesterday, which lead to adding fresh thai coconut juice to one batch, then to blueberry coconut chia pudding, to kale/sweet potato/quinoa casserole, to grilled salmon over mashed coconut sweet potatoes for lunch, to lastly sweet potato quinoa “muffins!!” Sometimes my imagination runs wild and I just go! I hate wasting any food, so I used all my scraps to come up with different recipes. Let’s start out with where it all began: Thai Coco Green Juice! […]

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Green Goddess Smoothie

I love playing around with the smoothies I make, and it’s usually because I check my fridge, and realize oh crap I have to go shopping. So, I mix together whatever I have left! Today’s Green Goddess Smoothie was born because of it, and it ended up being DELICIOUS & NUTRITIOUS! BAM! […]

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And I’m Mean & Green!!

I didn’t really make any 2014 new year resolutions, because it’s too much pressure to deal with daily! My life motto is do what you can, and don’t stress about it if it didn’t go as planned. It makes life simpler and less stressful; for me anyways. With that said, I told myself that in 2014 I want to juice more on a daily basis. I was juicing probably once a week or so. This past week alone I have drank soooo many greens that I’m feeling MEAN & GREEN….and well friggin AWESOME!! Here is my Mean & Green Juice [...]

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