A Smoothie A Day…

Getting in your daily nutritional needs is friggin hard! So, I like to start my day out on the right foot by making smoothies, and you can make them in bulk too which is super convenient and time saving. (Stays fresh for a few days) So I’m going to keep this short and sweet, here is today’s yummy smoothie recipe along with its nutritional info! Boom to health! :-P […]

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Roasted Beets

Ahh how I love these little guys!! They are so great for you, and if you are an athlete especially, because they have been shown to show antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support. Our bodies are constantly under stress, which could cause a quite bit of inflammation and I’d rather eat a ton of beets or other foods than take a ton of anti-inflammatories! […]

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Scallops Two Ways

Ahhh I love to eat and being a runner makes it even more fun! I eat as clean as possible, but I don’t deprive myself if I feel like having something debacherous. When I am training, I try to focus on my nutrition the most, because if it is poor, it could be the reason I wasn’t able to hit that goal time or just felt like crap during my race or workout. Food is fuel and we are what we eat, as some wise person once said. It is so true though, when I eat like crap I feel [...]

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