How To Become An Efficient Runner – Part III

TRAINING MISTAKES Training on limited sleep Being addicted to fatigue in your workouts Training at the same pace day in and day out Not eating enough, or even eating too much Recovery and/or Complete Rest Days & Protocols disregarded Focusing ONLY on the end goal, and expectation to get there in a few months or weeks Allowing your EGO to control your workout Running hard or working out hard too many days in a row. (This includes all forms of exercise.) Warming Up & Cooling Down too fast Not keeping a training log Neglecting Drills, Stability, & Strength Work Not [...]

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How To Become A More Efficient Runner – Part I

I think it’s safe to say that most competitive runners goals are to get faster and increase previous performances, but the question is at what cost? I drove myself into the ground for so many years with this kind of thinking that by going faster is the way to get there. Well I was WRONG! I’m going to go through a bunch of training mistakes and what we should be focusing on in our endurance training instead!  […]

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Sugar Break Up Update

Hey Guys I apologize for the incredible delay in posting this! But please head over to FB and join the group, so much better when you can interact with everyone! I am going to be doing the sugar break up solely through there! Sorry Guys!! Wishing you luck and please join our awesome group! With Love & Peace! *****Natalie Johnston is USATF & RRCA certified runner coach & Certified Personal Trainer serving areas PA, NYC, & NJ.*****        

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21 Day Sugar Break Up!!

Some struggle with sugar (raising my hand big time!), and some are blessed that don’t. But for this chick, I find comfort in something sweet. I have trained my brain over the years to find comfort in it; whenever I’m bored, upset, happy, after meals, my brain says, “Hey Nat you should get something sweet.” Most of the time I feed into it, especially at night after dinner. It has become so routine that it is quite hard to stop. […]

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The Berlin Marathon Countdown!

Happy Monday Guys!! I can’t believe it, it’s almost here! Six more days and I will be running my first marathon! The journey to get here hasn’t been easy. Over the last 2 years, I have made major life changes, and I have overcome a lot of personal struggles, so this marathon means more to me then running a fast time. I honestly never thought my life would have turned out so beautiful, have so many wonderful people put in it, and become awakened to deepening my relationships with my family. I am grateful everyday for the people who are [...]

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