How To Become An Efficient Runner – Part III

TRAINING MISTAKES Training on limited sleep Being addicted to fatigue in your workouts Training at the same pace day in and day out Not eating enough, or even eating too much Recovery and/or Complete Rest Days & Protocols disregarded Focusing ONLY on the end goal, and expectation to get there in a few months or weeks Allowing your EGO to control your workout Running hard or working out hard too many days in a row. (This includes all forms of exercise.) Warming Up & Cooling Down too fast Not keeping a training log Neglecting Drills, Stability, & Strength Work Not [...]

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How To Become A More Efficient Runner – Part I

I think it’s safe to say that most competitive runners goals are to get faster and increase previous performances, but the question is at what cost? I drove myself into the ground for so many years with this kind of thinking that by going faster is the way to get there. Well I was WRONG! I’m going to go through a bunch of training mistakes and what we should be focusing on in our endurance training instead!  […]

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Daily Devotion: Self Love

I would like to first say thank you to everyone who is supporting me on this journey of health & happiness. I’ve decided to add to my blogging about fitness & food; and share with you my thoughts on things in our lives we tend to overlook, being the busy bees we are. Each week, I will focus on one topic that we should all stop and think about, and really try to be in that devotion for the day and continue it each day throughout the week, and make it a life long practice. Let’s build on our awareness [...]

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The Weather Outside Is Weather!

No I didn’t mess up my title I just find that phrase hysterical, because my sister sings random shit constantly. (Ok I do too, but she is way more awesome at it!) ;-) So if you haven’t noticed it’s winter and my motto for MOST runs is, “Bundle Up B*itches!” Here are a few tips for running out in your winter wonderland, and also when not to! […]

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Bumps Along The Way…

Most athletes hit bumps along the way in their training – IT’S NORMAL! It could be from a lack of motivation, an injury, odd pains, work stress; honestly, the list can go on. During christmas week, I happened to fall into the “odd pain” category, so I wanted to share with you my experience, and give you guys the low down of what happen, how I recovered, and let you know that something you may think is serious, may just be your body telling you to RELAX! […]

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Are You Overtraining?

If you couldn’t tell by my previous posts I am a big fan of rest, recovery, and getting the appropriate nutrition in to keep your body working efficiently. I can’t stress this enough, because overtraining causes so much havoc in the body, such as performance declines, nagging injuries, and decreased quality of life. I was the epitome of an over trained runner throughout college and a tad afterwards, and it resulted in 7 stress fractures, lots of over-use injuries, and it has taken me some time to get my body back to fully functioning. I don’t want this to happen [...]

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What’s Next On The Menu??

Just finished your 1st, 2nd, or 15th marathon, and already thinking about what race to do next…. Well that’s good!!! Keep running and keep setting new goals! For the next month I have my athletes recover their bodies while keeping up their fitness. You have to allow your body to heal and recover properly, so you can consistently hit your goal times, and stay healthy. If your not performing well, or getting injured frequently, you may be doing TOO MUCH! Here’s an example of a weekly plan post marathon racing for one of my athletes: […]

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