How To Become An Efficient Runner – Part III

TRAINING MISTAKES Training on limited sleep Being addicted to fatigue in your workouts Training at the same pace day in and day out Not eating enough, or even eating too much Recovery and/or Complete Rest Days & Protocols disregarded Focusing ONLY on the end goal, and expectation to get there in a few months or weeks Allowing your EGO to control your workout Running hard or working out hard too many days in a row. (This includes all forms of exercise.) Warming Up & Cooling Down too fast Not keeping a training log Neglecting Drills, Stability, & Strength Work Not [...]

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How To Become A More Efficient Runner – Part I

I think it’s safe to say that most competitive runners goals are to get faster and increase previous performances, but the question is at what cost? I drove myself into the ground for so many years with this kind of thinking that by going faster is the way to get there. Well I was WRONG! I’m going to go through a bunch of training mistakes and what we should be focusing on in our endurance training instead!  […]

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Are You Overtraining?

If you couldn’t tell by my previous posts I am a big fan of rest, recovery, and getting the appropriate nutrition in to keep your body working efficiently. I can’t stress this enough, because overtraining causes so much havoc in the body, such as performance declines, nagging injuries, and decreased quality of life. I was the epitome of an over trained runner throughout college and a tad afterwards, and it resulted in 7 stress fractures, lots of over-use injuries, and it has taken me some time to get my body back to fully functioning. I don’t want this to happen [...]

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What’s Next On The Menu??

Just finished your 1st, 2nd, or 15th marathon, and already thinking about what race to do next…. Well that’s good!!! Keep running and keep setting new goals! For the next month I have my athletes recover their bodies while keeping up their fitness. You have to allow your body to heal and recover properly, so you can consistently hit your goal times, and stay healthy. If your not performing well, or getting injured frequently, you may be doing TOO MUCH! Here’s an example of a weekly plan post marathon racing for one of my athletes: […]

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Carb Loading, Fueling, and More!

I hope most of you lovely marathoners have been slowly carb loading all week! Carb loading simply means not using your glycogen stores and eating the same way you were while your training. That means no dieting during your tape!! You don’t have to go INSANE the night before, that actually could make you more sluggish in the morning. Keep in mind EVERYONE is different, but I believe in gradual increases, so if run and workout less during your last taper week (which you should be doing!), continue eating as your normally have, and the last 3 days add a [...]

Nutrition Training Part III

To make it as simple as I can, I will give examples of foods that you can ingest before, during, and after exercise. Remember this doesn’t replace your meals; those are nutrient dense and healthy. Right before exercise, about 15 minutes, that is where you are “topping off your gas tank.” If required, taking a carbohydrate during exercise can spare the glycogen stores in your muscles, limiting your fatigue. Lastly, feeding your muscles after a workout is the best way to prepare for your next one. So with no further adieu, the breakdown of fuel sources! […]

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Nutrition Training – Part II

When it comes to your nutrition it is just as important as your endurance/running training. When your nutrition is not on point your workouts and body will eventually break down. Nutrition while training for an endurance event, such as a marathon, is very different than other forms of training, because you will need primarily carbs as a main source of fuel. I could go on and on about how carbs, protein, & fat work together to make an athlete reach his/her fitness goals, but instead I’m going to break it down for you based on your workouts and how you [...]

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NUTRITION TRAINING (Endurance Only) PART I Not sure how many parts I’m going to make, but this is a BIG deal! A lot of why people feel like crap during their workouts is because they haven’t fueled appropriately, got enough rest, and/or didn’t hydrate well. I’m going to start out with 3 basic questions you should ask yourself daily if you are an ENDURANCE runner. […]

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