So today I wanted to write about a book I just finished called PR: A Personal Record of Running From Anorexia. Amber Sayer is the writer and the hero of the book, she is also a friend of mine who I have known for about 5 years. After reading this book, I really got to know her even more. I could only imagine how hard it was to put her struggles out there for the world to see, but she is one brave and strong cookie! Through all her battles and triumphs, Amber Sayer is one heck of a woman, athlete, wife, human, and friend. This book is not only about an anorexic athlete, it’s about a girl who is dedicated, hardworking, and sacrificed almost everything for her sport. Granted she sought a road that was rough, but it showed her effervescence and love for the sport too. These qualities don’t just leave a person; they just needed to get redirected, which Amber did successfully. Amber took her demons and redirected them to educate others on how to live a life after anorexia, and I am thankful and grateful that she has shared it with us. A truly remarkable story.


Eating disorders are a serious disease, and Amber helped to educate me a little bit more on it and the gravity it holds. I myself have been an athlete since I was 3 years old, and I have suffered many eating disorders. From anorexia, bulimia, to over eating. It’s one disease that I feel truly never leaves. It is mostly a mental malady that still comes up from time to time, however I keep fighting back because my health is way too important to me. Self-Esteem has been my biggest battle, unlike Amber I had the typical eating disorder of not feeling pretty or thin enough. Amber had something called Anorexia Athletica, where the focus is on performance rather than self-image. There are many factors that went into my low self-esteem, however with each battle that I overcame, I added a little more confidence to boost it. It’s still not perfect, nor am I. I am a work in progress and I always will be. Don’t let your inner struggles crowd you mind fight through and stick the battle out, because it is worth it and you are worth it.


Today, I don’t deprive myself or restrict my eating, and eat solely “clean” food. This is the NEW term for healthy eating. I’m not sure what makes food “clean” per se, but I do like to eat balanced with carbs, protein & healthy fats, so that’s my definition of eating “clean.” I do eat “unclean” at times like ice cream! It’s all about moderation. Don’t allow your body to be too deprived of anything, however don’t go eat a whole gallon of ice cream now! Just eat moderately! If you are trying to lose weight, then you may need to restrict a little more for a time being, but it is not forever. Remember FOOD=FUEL, so put good and healthy food in the tank for great RESULTS. Whether is it performance driven, aesthetic reasons, or heath issues, just keep striving to be a healthier & happier you!


Live Life, Be Proud, Keeping Smiling, Stay Present, & Run Free!


Coach Nat


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