Today’s post is going to be a bit whimsical about a story of a girl and her Garmin. So sit back and enjoy the read!

“Oh crap! I forgot to charge my Garmin today, how the heck am I suppose to run 14 miles without my electronic beeping device that is so perfectly attached to my arm???” said the frantic runner. As she paced back and forth contemplating the devastation, about 5 minutes later, she pulled herself together, and decided she will just use…

A Timex Watch!!!

Pleasantly pissed off, she headed down to the trail where she knew exactly where all the mile markers were specifically placed, and pretty much the exact mileage of the loop she was going to run. She thought to herself,”Hey this may not be so bad after all! I’ll check my paces at each mile marker! Bam!” The thought of being able to consistently check her pace at each mile put the frantic runner at ease. After the first 3 miles, something happened out of no where, she heard beeping in her head, and she started to freak out! “What the heck is that?! I’m not wearing my Garmin, and I didn’t even hit my next mile yet!,” thought the paced obsessed runner. The beeping got louder and louder, until all of a sudden, it stopped when she hit mile 4. She realized that constantly being obsessed with the beeping of her Garmin was actually driving her INSANE, because she wasn’t even wearing it! Something inside of her subsequently changed, there was this amazing calm that rushed over her, and she began to daydream of when she first started running.

She saw a younger version of herself getting ready to go for a run, so carefree, and full of excitement! As she continued to be a voyeur of her younger self, the High School her shouted,”Hey Mom, I’m going out for a run I’ll be back in about 45 minutes, and I’m doing the usual loop!” “Ok hunny, I’ll see you when you get back,” sweetly shouted her mother. The younger her checked the clock on the stove and headed out the door. She immediately took off down the block, and the memory soon vanished. As the now peaceful runner came to, astonishment flickered over her face, because she had arrived at 7 miles without checking her watch once!! As she was daydreaming, and enjoying her memories, she remembered that she use to barely run with a watch, and only ran on how she felt for that day. Granted she usually always ran hard, the type A runner personality that she was; however, she didn’t focus on every mile being a specific pace. Back then, she use to enjoy the journey much more!

As she soaked up the fresh air all around her, she began to connect deeply on what was actually important on her long run, which was her FORM, FUEL, & FOCUS! She repeated several mantras. Her favorite was,”Longer Stronger, Stronger Longer.” She smiled at other runners and people walking along the trail, even the ones who paid her no mind. She was now happy and enjoying her journey!


That magnetic force she had once between her watch & her mind vanished as quickly as a ninja in the night! Only thing that was on her mind was enjoying herself & being present in her run. Nothing else mattered! As her run was coming to an end, she picked up her speed, kept her form & body balanced, and finished her run strong.

The once frantic paced obsessed runner didn’t miss her Garmin one bit, and will continue to “forget to charge it” from time to time again!


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*****Natalie Johnston is USATF & RRCA certified runner coach serving areas PA, NYC, & NJ.*****