NYC Marathon Check List (Or Any Marathon)!

NYC Marathon It’s Here!!! After all those tempo runs, track workouts, and long a** long runs it’s finally here!! Don’t let all that hard work go to waste!! I made a checklist of things you should consider before the marathon.


  • Pack Pick Up (If you go on Nov 2nd – don’t stay long, because you should be off your feet most of the day)
  • Eat CARBS at every meal this week, especially last 3 days.
  • Buy your race fuel (gels. Blocks, GU’s, etc.) this week before EXPO.
  • HYDRATE ALL WEEK!!! Eat some salty food too.
  • Lay out clothes the night before. Pin BIB on shirt. Make sure you wear layers that you don’t care about. You can just toss them off and they will be donated to charity.
  • Some people use color tape to put their name on their BIB shirt! (I think it’s a cool idea – people scream and cheer you on!)
  • You can pin gels/fuel to shirt, or put in pants pockets.
  • Plan on where you will meet loved ones afterwards.
  • Give loved ones a RECOVERY BAG for you at the end. Including dry clothes to change into and your recovery fuel. Take in carb/protein within 15-30 min of finishing. (Gatorade Recovery – not the tastiest, but it’s about refueling and repairing.)
  • Set your alarm clock one hour back on Saturday night. (Day light Savings)
  • Avoid alcohol this week and after race
  • Plan your pre race dinner & breakfast (don’t skip b’fast)
  • Plan your transportation
  • Charge your Garmin
  • Check weather
  • Write Pace Times on arm with permanent marker
  • If you chafe – I’d buy Glide
  • Disposable Gloves & Arm Warmers are good ideas to toss away too
  • Bring blankets to the start you will be laying around for a bit. Choose blankets you don’t care about leaving behind. Also, ground could be cold and wet, you could bring garbage bags, cardboard, etc.
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