Hey Guys! I’ve been traveling since last Wednesday, so I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to post last week’s workouts on Monday. I was spending some quality time with my family on Long Island, and now I am enjoying some R & R in Martha’s Vineyard!! I’m not going to lie last weeks training was not optimal and I had a bit of pain, however I’m not stressing it. When the going gets tough you either keep going, or you take a small break, so that you CAN keep going! Also, don’t take life so seriously; hence the photo :-)

So if you remember from last week, I was having some odd breathing stitch pains during my runs over the weekend, well that pain continued during my track workout on Tuesday too. To add to that annoyance, I developed some pain on the top of my hip that hurt only to the touch initially, kind of like I bruised it. It came out of no where right before practice, and like any typical runner I fluffed it off (maybe I hit my hip on something). It didn’t bother me too much during the run, my pain was definitely more centralized on my breathing stitch pains. The next day = not so happy hip! So that being said, I’ll take you through my week, how I recovered, and all the fun emotions and pains along the way!

Life throws us curve balls, for reasons sometimes unbeknownst to us, however, it is how we deal with them that truly makes the journey that much better! I typically go through a lot of angst when I am in pain, however I am learning how to calm down, listen to my body, nurture it when it needs healing, and push through adversity when it is smart to do so!!

Marathon Training Week 2!

Monday 6/9/14 – Rest Day (I had ran long on the Sunday prior)

Tuesday 6/10/14Track Intervals: Workout – 1 mile warm up, 2 x 1600, 2 x 800 (400m recovery jog), 1 mile cool down

What I ended up doing:

  • 1 mile warm up, 2 x 1600 (6:30, 6:25 – felt super controlled and comfy), .5 mile cool down

What happened?!

  • I had to make a game time decision and cut the workout short, because my side stitches were pretty unbearable, and my hip was slightly hurting.
  • I tried to cool down as best as I could, and .5 mi was all my body wanted to give me. At least I got to spend some time with my awesome running buddy in the rain! (A runner who trains with us (Bucks County Road Runners) brings her awesome daughter to practice!

Wednesday 6/11/14 – Travel day to Long Island – Plan was to Strength Train. Plan aborted by Coach Nat. My hip was killing me from what I still do not know. I have an idea, however I am not a doctor, so I try my best not to self diagnose. Carrying heavy luggage wasn’t helping the situation, and sitting down for hours was killing me too. New Plan – REST & Multiple Raw Ice Massages on hip

Thursday 6/12/14 – In Long Island – Still was feeling crappy and now the pain decided it needed to move into my glute and send pains to my calf & foot. Isn’t that so nice!! Now the obvious running frustration & panic starts to seep in, so I decided to Ninja Nat it and take some steps to kick the bad feelings out of me.

Ninja Nat/Jedi Mind Trick/Recovery Tips

  • I called a professional to get a doctors opinion. (I’m lucky enough to have his cell phone, and he’s nice enough to answer) Anyone in the Bucks County area that needs any sports/chiropractic help call Dr. Johnny King Marino for an appointment. Keep in mind that without an assessment it is more difficult to diagnosis, so the best thing to do is to see a professional in person. I however am away, and it proposed a bit of a problem.
  • Pain that makes you modify your form, you’re having difficulty walking or with daily activities, or your pain is unbearable; take off from running, and see a doctor/physical therapist before you resume any training. Usually if the pain lasts a week and it’s not subsiding, it’s time to get it checked out, so that you don’t create any more problems.
  • So my Recovery Protocol was:
    • REST – No working out
    • Light Foam Rolling/Gentle gentle stretching of my glute
    • Raw Ice Massgae (Multiple times in the day)
    • Also, tried a warm bath to see how that felt. (Felt fine, not sure it did anything)

Friday 6/13/14 – In Long Island – Starting to feel slightly better, but way from 100%, so I continued with my recovery protocol from Thursday.

Saturday 6/14/14 – First Attempt to Run – Workout: Recovery Run

  • I ran 5 miles at 8:17 pace. I kept trying to slow down, because I really didn’t want to go fast at all. For all out there who feel that they will lose fitness when they take off, the opposite actually happens. Your body begins to heal more, and you don’t lose nada! I felt completely fine, and like I said I kept having to slow myself down.
  • I stopped at around 4.3 miles, because my hip got a bit too tight for my liking, so I gently stretched my hip flexor for a minute or two, and then finished my run.
  • Sometimes pain really gets aggravated by the brain, and my pain usually does. I really tend to get obsessed with the fact I am in pain and I make it worse, so this time I just kept repeating,”Nat you are fine, you are fine, you’re ok,” over and over, and to be honest my pain subsided a bit. I’m not saying it went away, but it wasn’t elevated because of my emotions.

Sunday 6/15/14 – Rest – Travel Day to Martha’s Vineyard! (Yes lucky girl for the next two weeks!!) Hip feeling better each day. Didn’t get a chance to ice or foam roll today, however if I had the equipment to do so on the ferry I totallllly would have!

Total Mileage: 8.5 miles (It happens – if you have to reduce your training too, don’t get discourage, just take care of your body, then ease back into training!)

Happy Training Guys!



***************Natalie Johnston is USATF & RRCA certified runner coach serving areas PA, NYC, & NJ.*****************