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Services & Pricing

Personal Training/Coaching (For NJ/PA Only*)

  • Packages
  • 5 Sessions – $325
  • 10 Sessions – $630
  • 20 Sessions – $1,200

Bronze Online Coaching

  • Evaluation of past training. Develop future goals specific to the individual athlete
  • Wed & Sunday check ins via e-mail
  •  Basic Athlete Edition account
  • Workouts are sent in one to four week blocks – Detailed plan tailored to your needs. Weekly training log review. Race prep taper plan and post race recovery plan. Race day nutrition plan
  • I recommend a Heart Rate Monitor, GPS watch at this level of coaching

Silver Online Coaching

  •  Includes everything in the BRONZE Program and the following: 
  • Unlimited communication initiated by the athlete via e-mail. I will answer Training Peaks comments on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, & Sundays.
  • Premium Athlete Edition Training account
  • Workouts are sent in one-to-four week blocks, based on the athletes preference – Coach feedback on Key Workouts – Course Specific Strategy for upcoming races
  • I recommend a Heart Rate Monitor, GPS watch at this level of coaching

Gold Online Coaching

  • Includes everything in the SILVER Program and the following: 
  • Unlimited communication via e-mail, text and phone call initiated by the athlete
  • I recommend a Heart Rate Monitor and/or GPS device at this level of coaching
  • Detailed race plan including pacing, nutrition, & race strategy
  • Customized Strength Training Programs

Flat Fee Training Plans

$115Starts at
  • This is a great package if you need help focusing on your goals and organizing your training, but are confident in executing a training plan on your own.
  • Most running plans don’t factor in a person’s lifestyle. This one does! It is customized just for you and I will structure it so that you can run and live carefree!
  • You will receive a complete daily calendar of workouts through Training Peaks
  • For each run/workout you will have specific pacing strategies given to you with training and racing tips built in. It includes specific phases based on where you are currently at in your training and your goals.
  • Training plans for a flat fee with no online/phone support. ($120 – 8 week, $160 – 12 week, $200 – 16 week, $255 – 20 week, $295 – 24 week)