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Services & Pricing

Personal Training/Coaching

  • Packages
  • 5 Sessions – $350
  • 10 Sessions – $675
  • 20 Sessions – $1,300

Running Gait Analysis

$150one time fee
  • Bring Current Running Sneakers
  • 60′ Session To Assess Form
  • Detailed Write Up On Analysis
  • Discuss athlete’s history and current training.

Bronze Online Coaching

  • Evaluation of past training. Develop future goals specific to the individual athlete
  • Wed & Sunday check ins via e-mail
  •  Basic Athlete Edition account
  • Workouts are sent in one to four week blocks – Detailed plan tailored to your needs. Weekly training log review. Race prep taper plan and post race recovery plan. Race day nutrition plan
  • I recommend a Heart Rate Monitor, GPS watch at this level of coaching

Silver Online Coaching

  •  Includes everything in the BRONZE Program and the following: 
  • Unlimited communication initiated by the athlete via e-mail. I will answer Training Peaks comments on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, & Sundays.
  • Premium Athlete Edition Training account
  • Workouts are sent in one-to-four week blocks, based on the athletes preference – Coach feedback on Key Workouts – Course Specific Strategy for upcoming races
  • I recommend a Heart Rate Monitor, GPS watch at this level of coaching

Gold Online Coaching

  • Includes everything in the SILVER Program and the following: 
  • Unlimited communication via e-mail, text and phone call initiated by the athlete
  • I recommend a Heart Rate Monitor and/or GPS device at this level of coaching
  • Detailed race plan including pacing, nutrition, & race strategy
  • Customized Strength Training Programs