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Services & Pricing

Monthly Customized Training

  • Personalized Assessment Required

    Unlimited One on One Coaching. (Email, phone, and/or text)

    Customized Weekly Training Schedule For Your Specific Goals Using Training Peaks

    Specific Pacing & Tips For Each Workout
    Minimum Commitment May Apply
    **Ask About Monthly Training Packages**

Personalized Assessment

$65One Time
  • Natalie will provide an assessment questionnaire to be filled out before your session.

    Natalie and you will discuss your personal goals and expectations. In addition, Natalie will go over your running history and any injuries you may have suffered.

    After a discussion of how running fits into your life, you’ll determine how much time you have to dedicate to training and how to schedule your sessions most effectively.

    The personalized assessment culminates with Natalie watching you run and do a series of exercises to test your strength, stability, & mobility.

    Natalie’s professional assessment of your ability is the first step to beginning your training with RUN F.I.T.


Training Plans

$100Start At
  • This is a great package if you need help focusing on your goals and organizing your training, but are confident in executing a training plan on your own.

    Most running plans don’t factor in a person’s lifestyle. This one does! It is customized just for you and Natalie will structure it so that you can run and live carefree!

    You will receive a complete daily calendar of workouts through Training Peaks

    For each run/workout you will have specific pacing strategies given to you with training and racing tips built in. It includes specific phases based on where you are currently at in your training and your goals.

    Training plans for a flat fee with no online/phone support. ($100 – 8 week, $135 – 12 week, $160 – 16 week)

Private Coaching

$65Starts At
  • Personalized Assessment Required

    Pace runs: They’re great, because when an athlete gets into their comfort zone, a little help is all they need to break through, so Natalie will personally run with you at your pace. (Include Tempos, Intervals, Fartleks, Structural Endurance Runs, & Active Recovery Runs)

    Track Intervals: Natalie will design all workouts and provide instructions, feedback on form, and verbal encouragement to get you to the next level.

Personal Training

$65Starts At
  • Natalie will design all strength training sessions to supplement your running program.

    Resistance training is a great addition to any running program, and with clear instruction & motivation Natalie would love to help to increase your strength, balance, and mobility bringing you to the next level in your training!

    If you’re not a runner and just looking to get in shape, Natalie would love to train you as well!

Kids Programs

$$40Starts At
  • Personalized Assessment Required

    One on One Coaching Addressing Form, Pacing, Drills, Strength, & Balance

    Unlimited One on One Monthly Coaching is also available and suggested

    Customized Weekly Training Schedule For Your Specific Goals Using Training Peaks

    Specific Pacing & Tips For Each Workout