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I am so grateful everyday to be able to share my fervor for running with my athletes and watch them go above and beyond. We all have an inner athlete inside of us. I think it is about time to unleash yours! Longer, Stronger, Faster, and Fearless is what we are about!


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I have looked to Natalie for not just running techniques but training schedules, speedwork, tapering assistance as well as advise about injuries. Do yourself a favor: meet her, hire her, let her run beside you - let her email you training schedules. The only downside is that I wish she lived closer -- like next store! I would make her train me 24/7 - Meredith P.

I am so grateful I met Natalie. I needed some inspiration and motivation in my workouts and I found all of that in her spirit. I also needed some guidance and instruction and I found that in her knowledge of personal training. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach of any sort. - Christine W.

Coach Natalie has trained my son, a runner in middle school, for about half year by now since Spring, and he loves running with her. She is very good with kids and my son has been greatly inspired to run very day as she directed. She is very knowledgeable with technical details of running, as well as shoes, taking care of body, even diet. We really wish that my son had trained with her earlier. - Jiesong

My 11 year old daughter was struggling with shin splints and I thought her running form might have been part of the problem. Coach Natalie worked with her all last summer and we had fantastic results. Her shin splints went away, and my daughter improved her running form. Coach Natalie is a positive, high energy coach, and is very easy to work with. We look forward to working with her again next summer. - Phillip L.

Natalie is an amazing coach and trainer - her positive attitude and enthusiasm are contagious! She truly cares about all her clients, and goes out of her way to tailor a training plan for you, regardless of your level of fitness or what type of runner you are. Her level of knowledge and experience is evident in everything she does - she has given me invaluable tips on strength and conditioning, and her workouts are challenging but fun. I would recommend Natalie for anyone from a beginning runner to a marathon runner; she can help you reach your goals no matter what they are! - Dorri F.

Natalie is a great coach and has helped me improve my running a lot. What I appreciate most about Natalie's coaching style is that she adapts my training plan not only to my preferences, but also to my individual progress, focus, issues and goals. She also has a very collaborative approach to coaching and works with you on your training, and is not just telling you what you should do. She has incorporated my input into my workouts and plans which I very much appreciate. She is also a very positive motivator, and provides positive feedback and encouragement. Working with Natalie, for only a short time I have improved my marathon PR by over 10 minutes and I feel I am on my way to achieving my goal of running a Boston Qualifying time. - Joe E.

Natalie is a wonderful coach! She balances your immediate personal goals with her big picture philosophy of keeping you healthy and running for a lifetime. Natalie is always positive and encouraging, not to mention incredibly responsive making you feel like you are the only person she's coaching. Her knowledge of running and fitness is obvious as is her endless energy and support. Working with Natalie as a coach has been a great experience and I would easily encourage anyone who asked to try working with her because it will only have a positive impact on your training. - Emily C.

You have transformed my running. I will recommend your services to anyone. It is a perfect storm when your passion is expressed through your work. See you on June 27th Coach. You are a bright Star. - Corey S. (Letter from a client)

What can I say about Natalie??? She is honestly one of the most energetic and inspiring people out there. I had reached out to Natalie last year as I was planning on training for my 3rd marathon and realized I needed something more than an on-line training schedule. What I got from Natalie is more than I ever thought possible. Every Sunday I received customized schedules based on my prior week and how my body was feeling which helped me have a consistent and thoughtful training. Natalie also provided a fueling plan based on me and a 3-day carb loading plan all based on me and my body. There is a lot of information out there but it's generic. Don't get me wrong it's great but when you make the extra commitment to a coach and its customized you feel it. Natalie was and is encouraging and picks you up when you need it. She is a total rock star, super fast and amazing. And she helped me beat my time by 11 minutes!

After the marathon I decided to continue with Natalie because she gives you the extra boost you need with tempo runs, speed runs and mixes things up which keeps you motivated when you are not specifically training for something. - Silvia O.

I would like to share some random thoughts about working with you these last 9-10 months…Most important, it has been a blast. I genuinely enjoyed everything about it -- the physical challenges, the mental work, your incredible support -- it really has been an amazing experience for me. Your workout plans were really well thought out -- you seemed to know what my mind and body were capable of pretty much every day! I truly learned so much -- not just about the physical part of running and training, but understanding perceived and real limitations, finding the extra strength, and failing from time to time. When I did well, you celebrated with me; when I faltered, you helped me get back up. So thank you for all of that… (Email From Client - David A.)

Natalie has been a great coach and motivator for me. In our first session, she spent a lot of time assessing my needs. She then put together a workout plan that we've been tweaking to get the best results. I would recommend her whole-heartedly! - Vicky T.

Natalie is an amazing coach on many different levels. As a runner herself, her technical knowledge is exceptional! With her guidance my running technique and form have improved dramatically. More importantly, she understands the challenges runners face and designs training programs to ensure success. I look forward to our weekly runs whether it is attacking hills, running tempos or doing mile repeats on the track. She is truly a supportive coach. - Meredith B

I met coach Natalie less than a year ago in central park. Her friendly outgoing nature had us talking in no time, focusing on running history and goals etc. In the year since then, I have gone from being a part time recreational jogger to a regular competitor at NYRR events with distances ranging from 1M to half marathons both on and off road. Her ability to program an efficient and effective regiment allowed me to train smart and start each race with confidence in my ability. The variety of training methods ranged from fartlek’s to tempo runs, track workouts and distance runs, they each built on each other and I was always well prepared. It was hard work but as a result of sticking with the program coach Nat wrote up, I was fortunate enough to meet or exceed all the goals we had for set for my performance. Even more importantly, I was in one piece when the race ended. I am lucky to have her as a coach and proud to have her as friend. - Gregory N.

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