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The workshop is a TWO day event.

April 13th, 2019, 9:00am – 5:00pm; April 14th, 2019, 9:00am – 3:00pm



DAY 1:

Video Taping and Gait Analysis:
In this clinic we will film, view and study your running form and biomechanics. This indispensable tool affords you a great opportunity to see yourself in action and receive expert feedback that both reinforces the things you are doing right in your form and movement, and helps you to correct the habits and inefficiencies that hold you back from feeling and performing your best. This process helps you to become significantly more aware of your posture and gait, and sets the stage for making lasting positive changes.

Get Hip to Your Full Power:
The biggest obstacle that prevents people from improving their running performance and avoiding injury, is their failure to utilize the powerful core muscles of the hips and pelvis for forward movement. You will learn how to fully engage these prime movers, which extend from the torso and move downward into the hips and to let the synergistic muscles of the thigh and calf relax and do their job. You will be pleasantly surprised at the results you get from the techniques that will be presented in this first clinic. Skillful use of the hips and pelvis is central to fluid efficient movement and provides the foundation for continued improvement.

DAY 2:

Putting it All Together
Today, we will build upon the foundations established in the first class. You will learn to maximize your running efficiency through integrated use of all body segments and systems. We will address structural alignment, upper body skills, and stride mechanics. This allows each runner to learn how to maximize their elastic potential, decrease actual muscle use, and individually create for themselves the most energy efficient running form possible. This is the most important aspect of long distance running. “Terrain adjustments” for uphill and downhill running are among the many techniques we will teach that will help you get more results from your hard work and have a great time doing it!



“It’s no secret that good running form is the foundation for freedom from injury, improved performance, longevity as a runner, and enjoyment of the sport. This clinic is designed to build that foundation, and help each runner achieve those goals.”

Hi Douglas … after 2 years, and the help you gave me in our Skype sessions, my running is about 98% back, but with healthy form. I am no longer limited by the painful chronic hamstring injury.

Last weekend I won the 2018 Ironman Kona in my age group by over 21 minutes and set a new course record! I will go back next year automatically qualified as a winner. I plan on doing the Ironman Boulder again in June as a warmup race. Maybe we can plan a tune-up session while I’m in your neighborhood.

Rich S.

I went to Coach Natalie following an injury with the goal of improving my running form and getting back to recreational running. Within the first session, Natalie provided expertise on my biomechanics, cadence, form, strengths, areas to improve, goals, and even my specific shoe selection! I learned more in one hour with her than I had in all coaching sessions prior.

Just a week after working with her, I have noticed drastic improvements in my stability, comfort, and energy levels while running. From the weekend warrior to the competitive long distance runner – Natalie is simply the best in the business.

Ryan M.